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TRON Dapp Report: TRON Acknowledges That The Market Is Favoring High-Risk ROI Dapps – Blokt

Tron launched its first Dapps in October last year. Between then and now, a number of Dapps have exited the scene while new ones have been created, according to Tron’s weekly Dapp report published on March 15.

The report pointed out that gambling and high-risk ROI Dapps remain active while others such as collectibles games, board games, PVP battling games, card games, and puzzle games have only survived for a limited amount of time.

This led Tron to realize that there is a gap between what the developers are working on and what the market is pushing for.

An excerpt from the report reads:

“On the one hand, we need to acknowledge the exploring endeavors of the developers; on the other hand, we have to respect the choice of the market.”

Key Overview and Recent Discoveries

It has been discovered that the past two weeks has seen a high number of new high-risk ROI Dapps deployed on Tron’s network. The report highlighted that the current market situation is biased in favor of high-risk ROI and gambling Dapps.

However, gambling Dapps have remained relatively the same but are also slightly losing their appeal to the market, opening an opportunity for developers to concentrate on building high-risk ROI Dapps.

The whole Dapp market is showing positive signs of recovery after posting significant increases in trading volume and Daily Active Users (DAUs). The new positive outlook has restored hope in Dapps.

Moreover, Tron’s Dapps are doing exceptionally well and have managed to outperform its two biggest rivals – Ethereum and EOS. Tron recorded a trading volume of more than $17 million in the past week.

The report says:

“Tron’s account number went beyond 2 million last week and the growth has speeded up even more, far exceeding that of EOS and