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Ethereum still loved by dapp developers, but trails behind in active users – The Next Web

Ethereum might feature more decentralized apps (dapps) than any other blockchain, but its rivals are enjoying significantly higher usage.

In fact, TRON dapps attracted more active users than any other network over the past three months, reports with new research.

“484 new dapps were added to the market this quarter, and Ethereum ETH is still the first choice for developers, followed by TRON and EOS,” said “Newly launched blockchains like TomoChain and IOST are quickly expanding, but the first tier blockchains have already gone way ahead.”

There are more Ethereum dapps than all the other networks combined also announced a new record for active users in a single quarter had been set (1,159,482), as well as all-time highs for transactions and transactional volume.

“User activeness has a strong correlation with ETH price – the higher the price, the more Ethereum dapp users,” remarked “More token holders have also been converted to dapp users, as the price has increased since mid-May 2019.”