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BitTorrent (BTT) About the Live Stream on BTFS by Justin Sun of Tron – The Cryptocurrency Analytics

BitTorrent Data has been of late talking about the average DAU across all BitTorrent products at 21.5M of which 15.5M as coming from uTorrent Classic for Windows and 2M from uTorrent Web for the Windows. Expressed that it was exciting to tokenize the world’s largest decentralized file sharing protocol with BTT.

BitTorrent Inc tweeted:  “Join the live stream and listen to justinsuntron how BTFS will benefit hundreds of million global users,” Further tweeting: “Get ready for it and set your alarms 14:00, June 28, 2020 UTC.” Ending with a friendly note that read, “See you guys soon.”

BitTorrent Speed is not made available to all the users of uTorrent Classic for Windows and also for uTorrent Web.  Further, BitTorrent Web for Windows. Clarifying that the numbers of users joining everyday continues to be stable at 250K.  Further, expressed DAU for the BitTorrent Speed as 8.5M and MAU at 17.5M.

On Father’s day BitTorrent shared their Father’s Day wishes stating, Father is always our HERO! Their silent love companies us throughout the whole life.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Expectations Brewing for BitTorrent (BTT) as they manage finding something to strive for no matter what.  They know how to conceptualize a theme that will work.”

BitTorrent recently campaigned to have users join the Tron 4.0 party.  They have also been campaigning to have users vote for the tournament they would like to see on DLive.

BitTorrent (BTT) BTFS

BitTorrent Inc recently tweeted:  “BTFS will encourage users to share spare storage space, BTFS provides a content-addressable #P2P mechanism, which is used to store and share digital content. More details on benefits will be announced in the near future. #BTT $BTT.”

While BTFS Mainnet was launched before Filecoin, it was possible for BTT users to download BTFS client to enjoy the BTT benefits.  The