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Justin Sun's Tron Scores New DEX Partnership + More News 101
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Exchanges news

  • Binance Labs and other prominent investors-backed one-year-old DEX aggregator 1inch said it partnered with Justin Sun‘s Tron (TRX) for JustSwap and Mooniswap integration. 1inch will fully integrate with JustSwap, Tron’s decentralized trading protocol, while 1inch’s Mooniswap, a next-generation automated market maker, will integrate into Tron’s blockchain, the company added. 1inch claims it has surpassed USD 2.4bn in overall volume in just over a year.
  • Bitstamp said that it finished implementing a matching engine from Nasdaq, which will allow it to improve the performance of the exchange and provide the foundation for new features. The new matching engine allows Bitstamp to match orders up to 1.250 times faster and increases the maximum throughput by up to 400 times, the company said.

Crypto adoption news

  • Retail platform Bitrefill, which allows customers to buy gift cards and prepaid mobile topups using bitcoin (BTC) and altcoins, said that it has added 50 Colombian retail partners to its crypto pay network. In a blog post, the firm stated that it has added crypto gift cards to its platform that will allow them to spend their tokens on vouchers redeemable at Pizza Hut Colombia, as well as Burger King and McDonald’s outlets in the country. Colombia-based Netflix and Spotify customers will also be able to buy vouchers on the Bitrefill platform using crypto. Hypermarket Jumbo, which has 80 stores nationwide, is also on the list of new Bitrefill