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EDITORIAL: Trudeau’s vision of the anointed – Toronto Sun

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Unfortunately, Sowell writes, the vision of the anointed is unaffected by the fact that their ideas and programs rarely achieve what is promised and often make things worse because of unintended consequences.

The problem there, he says, is that failure doesn’t deter the anointed, who are impervious to evidence of what went wrong, arguing instead that things would have been even worse if they hadn’t done what they did.

Such logic can be used to justify Trudeau’s carbon tax, for example, even though Canada’s industrial greenhouse gas emissions linked to human-induced climate change continue to rise in the face of it.

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The conservative vision of government, Sowell argues, is more modest — wary of amassing too much centralized power within government because governments are made up of fallible human beings, who can make terrible mistakes and are vulnerable to corruption.

Finally, Sowell observes, those who share the vision of the anointed believe their political opponents are not only living in error, but in sin, and that they cannot have any other possible motives for disagreeing with the vision, than for evil and selfish reasons.

When the Trudeau government delivers its Throne Speech on Sept. 23, let’s see how closely it resembles Sowell’s vision of the anointed.