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TRON (TRX) releases JustWrapper for anonymus transactions and more features – Crypto News Flash

  • New TRON product offers 100,000 USDT reward for its launch.
  • platform introduces new “staking mining pools”.

The new product JustWrapper has been launched for TRON, according to an announcement from its CEO Justin Sun. JustWrapper is available for the operating system Android and allows its users to make anonymous transactions with the stable currency Tether supported by TRON (TRC20-USDT).

The transactions are “shielded” with zero-knowledge proof. Therefore, JustWrapper’s official website claims that they are impossible to trace. On chain information about the transaction is hidden and protected from any attack, the website claims. In addition, users have access to a “clear at first glance” interface, with all account information on one page. To start using JustWrapper, users must download the TronLink wallet.

TRON’s CEO was one of the first to use JustWrapper. Sun has posted his “shielded address” and asked his followers via Twitter to send him theirs. The TRON Foundation is giving away 100,000 USDT. The reward will be divided into 1 USDT for each user who follows the steps below.

The reward will be given to a user who creates a shielded address with TronLink. Participants must then fill out a Google form to submit their address. Participants must also follow TRON Foundation’s social network account on Twitter and retweet the contest post with the message “My address is XXX”. Once the process is completed the user will receive his 1 USDT reward.

TRON’s CEO has also announced that 3 “lucky participants” will be chosen to win 3 USDT each. The TRON community has welcomed the product launch with enthusiasm and