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2021 Bitcoin Predictions: A Brief Interview with Justin Sun –

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Crypto visionary and founder of TRON, Justin Sun, says “the crypto market is still moving toward its equilibrium”.

There are few people with such an impressive background as Justin Sun. He is the protege to Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba, listed by Forbes among the “30 under 30 in Asia”, and founder of the TRON Foundation (TRX).

I had the opportunity to ask Justin a few questions concerning Bitcoin’s meteoric rise, breaking the $40,000 barrier with projections that it could reach $300,000 or more in 2021, and increasing %400 in Q4 of 2020.

As one of the leading minds in the crypto space, it’s perhaps not surprising that Justin is feeling bullish on BTC — and on altcoins and the role of crypto overall in the global economy.

Justin’s responses are presented here with some editing for length.

Justin Sun, Founder of and CEO of TRON and CEO of BitTorrent and Peiwo

Where do you see BTC going in 2021?

Bitcoin has been one of the top stories of 2021 everyone and their grandma is talking about BTC this year. Doomers, nocoiners, and bears like to use every opportunity to point to the death of bitcoin or to equate crypto to the dotcom bubble.

In my opinion, the recent correction of BTC is a reflection of a healthy market with active traders and investors.

BTC still has a ways to go in terms of price growth, In December 2020, a